Mattress Cleaning Pocatello ID

Around the home people employ professional cleaners to ensure their floors, carpets, bathrooms and kitchens are as clean as possible. But, one of the most important and most used items in every home is simply ignored, the bed a homeowner sleeps in. Blue Ribbon Cleaning offers a fully professional mattress cleaning service, which can reduce dust mites and provide a number of health benefits for the residents of a home.

It is estimated that the average person spends around one third of their life in bed, meaning the decision to allow Blue Ribbon Cleaning to clean a mattress is one that should be taken on a regular basis. Many allergies are caused by dust mites, which can be removed from a home during the regular cleaning processes. However, around 60 percent of the dust mites in a home can be found in mattresses, an area that is often ignored by many homeowners. Dust mites have been reported as making heath conditions, such as asthma and eczema, worse when exposure occurs for a prolonged period of time.

So much time is spent in bed that various problems can appear, such as smells and stains that can make a bed feel uncomfortable. When a mattress is cleaned regularly by the professionals at Blue Ribbon Cleaning Inc., the resident will usually wake after a better nights sleep feeling well rested and prepared to face another day.

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